Connected Car and IoT (Internet of Things) trends have revolutionized the automotive industry 

Following a brief description of the connected car (OEM TCU, fleet TCU, smartphone integration, and aftermarket dongle solutions), this guide provides an in-depth analysis of the trends shaping the industry, with a focus on improving Service, Maintenance, and Repair revenue while navigating the changing data market and legislative landscape.

The technical section will describe in-vehicle equipment options and connected vehicle data types with real-world examples of how these data types can improve both the driver journey and corporate revenue.

The guide also focuses on the organizational structures and remote data strategies of industry-leading OEMs and the types of third-party and B2B partnerships being formed to support these strategies. 

"Which OEMs will maximise their remote diagnostic ROI?"

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Rapidly advancing technologies and a maze of new risks are creating unprecedented challenges for vehicle manufacturers and their partners. 

Our independent market research and consultancy are helping to create smarter, more secure, better connected, and increasingly autonomous cars. 


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